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An ESA Technological Research Program


COrDeT-2 consortium is made up of the following companies:

gmv consortium

gmv consortium

GMV Aerospace and Defence (GMV)

GMV is a privately owned technological enterprise group with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV mainly operates in eight sectors for both public and private organizations: aeronautics, space, defence, health, security, transportation, telecommunications and information technologies.

GMV has a long standing reputation as the most competent and reliable European supplier of embedded SW. In this specific occasion, GMV expertise finds the perfect complement in our collaborator, SciSys, who provides the necessary expertise on embedded and distributed software engineering. Additionally, GMV is involved in several studies and projects linked to the definition of model-driven engineering processes within different industry domains (e.g., Space, Aeronautics and Defence).


SciSys is a leading supplier of solutions to the Space sector, from bespoke system development to manpower services and consulting. SciSys was formed in 1980 and became an AIM listed company in 1997. Until 2002 SciSys was called Science Systems.

SciSys provides quality software solutions to the space sector (i.e., monitoring and control, modelling and simulation, real time embedded systems, mission planning, flight dynamics, etc). SciSys has a long and successfully history of developing software for space applications and haven been involved in a large number of studies directly relating to embedded and distributed software engineering.

University of Padova (UPD)

Established in 1222, the Universitą degli studi di Padova is one of the most famous and oldest universities in Europe. The Computer Science Research group has an acknowledged expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation and Algorithm, Programming Languages and Real-Time Systems and Software Engineering, in particular with the software methods, languages and tools for high integrity systems.

Universidad of Padova (UPD) brings the required expertise for the required model-based process assessment.

Thales Alenia France (TASF)

Thales Alenia Space is at the heart of the most high-performance satellite technologies in both civil and defence sectors, with strong positions in satellite and space and ground segments.

Thales Alenia Space has a strong background knowledge concerning space domain, space process and software architectures.

Astrium Satellites (AST)

Astrium Satellites is a world leader in the design and manufacture of satellite systems, with business activities covering civil and military telecommunications and Earth observations, science and navigation programmes, together with a complete range of associated ground infrastructure and space equipment.

Astrium Satellites has a strong experience in software space systems in all design and development phases. It is involved in studies and projects of strongest relevance with respect to the scope of the present study related to spacecraft system engineering and avionics architecture and on-board software reuse engineering.


SoftWcare starts its activity in September, 2001 as an engineering and consulting company specialized in the industrial development of new techniques and methods to verify and assure the robustness of the software of critical applications and the quality of its developments. SoftWcare is expertise on software process assurance and engineering of critical software in space applications, from both the development and verification points of view. In addition, SoftWcare SL has vast experience in process model definition and assessment.